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Are my belongings insured ?

Our trucks carry Full Transit Insurance of up to $100,000. This covers you in case of extreme situations that may occur whilst in transport, such as collision, fire, explosions, etc.

When it comes to handeling insurance, by law we can not sell you a policy or include it in your removal cost unless there is a licenced insurance broker in the office.

We can however refer you to an insurance company that specifically deals with removals insurance.

Can my belongings be stored temporarily ?

If you are unable to move into your new residence immediately, your belongings can be stored in a safe storage facility until you’re ready.

We can organise the storage on your behalf as we receive better rates for Morgan Removals customers! However, you are responsible for the storage charges.

Do you have a packing and unpacking service ?

Yes we can pack part or all of your household or office for you. We can also unpack your belongings at the new address.

When packing an entire household or office, it is best to do so a day or two before your move.

Do you move pianos ?

We can organise a professional piano mover for the move of your piano.

Although we may very well move it for you, we prefer leaving it to the professionals in that field. They have the proper equipment and skills to move these delicate instruments with care. Think about it, they move only pianos every day, we don’t…

How can I save time on my move ?

Although we can do it all for you, if you are quite handy, you can try to do the following things before your movers arrive:

  • Disassemble any large items like beds and trampolines that cannot be moved without being taken apart.
  • Have all of your electrical appliances unplugged. Wrap and secure cords and wiring.
  • Defrost your fridge and have it emptied and dry, so it is ready to go.
  • Label all boxes as to which room they should be placed in at the delivery address.
  • Keep all smaller items like vacuum cleaners, ironing boards, bins, brooms and mops, garden tools etc, together.
  • Remove any pictures and photos from your walls and bundle them up.
  • Secure parking access for the moving truck. The closer the better.
Will my furnishings remain clean ?

We can provide special protector bags for your lounge, upholstered furniture and mattresses.

You will need to let the office know so we can make sure they are placed in your removal truck. Please refer to our “packaging materials” list for prices.

Will the truck fit all of my belongings in one trip ?

When you are ready to move, it is best speak to one of our consultants. They will estimate what size truck would be most suitable for your move. For large moves we can organise a consultant to carry out an onsite inspection.