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Packaging Materials

The table below outlines our prices

Tea Chest Box (40cmx60cmx40cm)$4.60 each
Book Box (40cmx30cmx40cm)$3.50 each
Port-a-robe Hire$5.00 each (1st one free)
Port-a-robe Sale$22.00 each
Packing Tape$3.50 each
Butchers Paper 2.5Kg$12.00 each
Bubble Wrap 75cm$1.65 per meter
Mattress Cover$10.00 per meter
Lounge Cover$10.00 per meter
  • Please allow sufficient time for delivery of boxes.
  • Free delivery for 25 boxes and over.
  • Prices are GST exclusive
Cardboard Box and Shipping Peanuts

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